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Keep a Healthy Balance between life and work
We all came here for different reasons, but we've all stayed for the same reason: quality of life.
Because we value everyone's input, we begin each project with a clear understanding of deadlines and workload so that we can generate a schedule that balances productivity with down time. Of course, we all understand the nature of this business, and sometimes schedules go awry - but as a team, we look out for one another.
We are always interested in hearing from you. Please send us a copy of your latest resume and link to your current show reel.

Current Open Positions


We have an open seat for you!
We are also currently looking for the following positions to join our team for projects coming up this year:
Senior Nuke Compositor
  • 5-8 years of experience on multiple feature film projects. 
If you would like to be considered for these positions, please apply to
and include the following:
  1. Position that you are applying for in subject of email
  2. Latest show reel and breakdown of work
  3. Current resume attached as a pdf
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